SConcer5/4/2020New Bethlehem Presbyterian ChurchBBQ Chicken Quarters; Potato Salad; Coleslaw; Rolls; Cookies and Cupcakes135 Take-outs
6/22/2020Liberty Hills Caring GroupPulled Pork Sandwiches; Macaroni and Cheese; Cole Slaw; Cookies155 Take-outs
6/29/2020Mill Creek Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchChicken Patty Sandwiches; Pasta Salad; Fruit Salad; 147 Take-outs
7/6/2020St Frances Cabrini and Friendshot Dogs and Buns; Potato Salad; Chips; Cupcakes153 Take-outs
7/13/2020Friday Morning Bible Study- FridayHam or Turkey; Buttered Noodles; Glazed Carrots; Rolls; Assorted Cakes152 Take-outs
7/20/2020The Cornerstone of Beaver CountyHamburgers; Macaroni Salad; Chips; Cookies162 Take-outs
7/27/2020Beth Samuel Jewish CenterSpaghetti and Meatballs; Salad; Bread; Slices of Watermelon; Cookies161 Take-outs
8/3/2020New Bethlehem Presbyterian ChurchBBQ Chicken; Mac& Cheese; Cole Slaw; Cookies151 Take-outs
8/10/2020St. John's Lutheran ChurchPulled Pork Sandwiches; Baked Beans; Cole Slaw; Home-made Cookies150 Take-outs
8/17/2020The Ladle Summer PicnicHoe Sausage with Peppers & Onions; Buns; Bacon-Ranch Mashed Potatoes; Corn; Cookies; Sno-Cones157 Take-outs
8/24/2020Concord Presbyterian ChurchChicken; Mashed Potatoes; Vegetables; Rolls; Assorted Cakes152 Take-outs
8/31/2020Genesis ChurchTacos; Chips; Cookies155 Take-outs
9/7/2020Labor Day-Closed-

9/14/2020St. Frances Cabrini and FriendsMeatball Sandwiches; potato Salad; Chips; Cake158 Take-outs
9/21/2020Sewickley Presbyterian ChurchPasta; Broccoli; Rolls; Brownies160 Take-outs
9/28/2020Conway Alliance ChurchFried Chicken; Mashed Potatoes; Corn; Cookies150 Take-outs
10/5/2020First Presbyterian Church of MonacaPenne with sauce and Meatballs; Salad; Rolls; Cookies150 Take-outs
10/12/2020Rotary Club of AmbridgeFried Chicken; Three Bean Salad; Roasted Carrots; Rolls; Mandarin Oranges; Grape Pie145 Take-outs
10/19/2020Hanover Presbyterian ChurchChili; Hot Dog and Bun; Raw Veggies with Ranch; Apple; Cookies140 Take-outs
10/26/2020Mill Creek Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchPork Chop and Gravy; Mashed Potatoes; Peas; Biscuits; Brownies and Cookies150 Take-outs
11/2/2020New Bethlehem Presbyterian ChurchTurkey; Mashed Potatoes; Green Beans; Roll; Assorted Desserts150 Take-outs
11/9/2020Sewickley Presbyterian ChurchChicken Parmesan and Penne with Sauce; Cakes; Roll and Apple170 Take-outs
11/16/2020Center Township LadiesMeatball Sandwiches; Cole Slaw; Chips; Cookies171 Take-outs
11/23/2020Friday Morning Bible Study- BadenTurkey; Potatoes; Carrots; Green Beans; Roll; Cake179 Take-outs
11/30/2020St. John's Lutheran ChurchBaked Chickem; Fried Rice; Green Beans; Rolls Cookies170 Take-outs
12/7/2020First Presbyterian Church of MonacaMeat Balls and Penne; Salad; Rolls; Cookies175 Take-outs
12/14/2020LPPACS Student CouncilSpaghetti and Pasta; Rolls; Fruit Salad; Cookies170 Take-outs
12/21/2020Concord Presbyterian ChurchPork Chops; Mashed Potatoes; Green Bean Casserole; Rolls; Cake; Christmas Cookies160 Take-outs
12/28/2020Messiah;s Hands & LadlePulled Pork Sandwiches; Mac & Cheese; Beans with Greens; Coleslaw; Cookies150 Take-outs
1/4/2021Nolfi AgencyChicken; Broccoli Blend; Cole Slaw; Roll; Cookies157 Take-outs
1/11/2021The Fritz FamilyTurkey; Seasoned Noodles; Creen Beans; Apple Sauce; Rolls; Cookie158 Take-outs
1/18/2021The Friday Morning Bible Study- BadenTurkey; Seasoned Buttered Noodles; Carrots; Roll; Assorted Cakes152 Take-outs
1/25/2021Conway Alliance ChurchFried Chicken; Mashed Potatoes; Corn; Rolls; Cookie150 Take-outs
2/1/2021New Bethlehem Presbyterian ChurchChicken Stew with Noodles; Rolls; Cake145 Take-outs
2/8/2021Sewickley Presbyterian ChurchHam; Scalloped Potatioes; Green Beans; Rolls; Cookies147 Take-outs
2/15/2021Concord Presbyterian ChurchPulled Pork; Mac & Cheese; Green Beans; Cole Slaw; Rolls; Cookie147 Take-outs
2/22/2021St. Frances Cabrini and FriendsBaked Chicken; Broasted Potatoes; Carrots; Rolls; Cake; Protein Bars149 Take-outs
3/1/2021St. John's Lutheran ChurchChili; Cole Slaw; Applesauce; Rolls; Cookies148 Take-outs
3/8/2021First Presbyterian Church of MonacaPenne and Meatballs with Sauce; Salad; Cookies150 Take-outs
3/15/2021Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School Student CouncilHot Dogs and Buns; Chicken Tenders; Mac & Cheese; Green Beans; Cookie151 Take-outs
3/22/2021Conway Alliance ChurchFried Chicken; Mashed Potatoes; Green Beans; Rolls; Cookies152 Take-outs
3/29/2021Friday Morning Bible Study- BadenHam; Seasoned Noodles; Carrots; Rolls; Puding; Granola Bars149 Take-outs
4/5/2021Center Township LadiesFried Chicken; Mashed Potatoes; Cole Slaw; Chips; Roll; Cookies137 Take-outs
4/12/2021Sts Peter and Paul Ukranian Catholic ChurchLasagna; Rolls; Applesauce; Cookies145 Take-outs
4/19/2021Hanover Presbyterian ChurchHam; Potatoes; Green Beans; Rolls; Cookies158 Take-outs
4/26/2021Genesis ChurchTacos; Cookies157 Takeouts
5/3/2021New Bethlehem Presbyterian ChurchBratwurst; Buns; Potato Salad; Green Beans; Assorted Desserts151 Take-outs
5/10/2021Sewickley Prersbyterian ChurchChicken; Potatoes; Mixed Vegetables; Rolls; Pineapple Upside Down Cake155 Take-outs
5/17/2021Concord Presbyterian ChurchPork Chops; Potatoes; Beans; Rolls; Cookies168 Take-outs
5/24/2021St Frances Cabrini and FriendsFried Chicken; Potato Salad; Roll; Cookies158 Take-outs
5/31/2021Memorial Day-Closed-

6/7/2021Center Township LadiesPulled Pork Sandwiches; Mac & Cheese; Chips; Cookies150 Take-outs
6/14/2021St John's Lutheran ChurchHam Barbecue Sandwiches; Baked Beans; Fruit Cup; Cookies162 Take-outs
6/21/2021Friday Morning Men's Bible Study- BadenPasta and Sauce; Corn; Rolls; Brownies158 Take-outs
6/28/2021Mill Creek EPCChicken; Potatoes; Green Beans; Rolls; Cookies152 Take-outs
7/5/2021Independence Day-Closed-

7/12/2021The Ladle Annual PicnicPulled Pork Sandwiches; Chicken; Mac & Cheese' Greens and Beans; Cole Slaw; Blizzards155 Take-outs
7/19/2021Concord Presbyterian ChurchPasta with Sauce and Cheese; Green Beans; Tossed Salad; Riolls; Cookies152 Take-outs
7/26/2021Beth Samuel Jewish CenterChicken; Pasta Salad; Carrots & Ranch Dressing; Mandarin Oranges; Rolls; Cookies152 Take-outs
8/2/2021New Bethlehem Presbyterian ChurchHot Dogs; Macaroni Salad; Cole Slaw;  Cookies150 Take-outs
8/9/2021Sewickley Presbyterian ChurchHam; Cole Slaw; Corn; Roll; Cake142 Take-outs
8/16/2021St. John's Lutheran ChurchBreaded Chicken; Scalloped Potatoes; Green Beans; Rolls; Cookies92 Take-outs
8/23/2021St Frances Cabrini and FriendsHoagies; Macaroni Salad; Watermelon; Cookies92 Take-outs
8/30/2021Center Township LadiesChicken; Potato Salad; Cole Slaw; Chips; Cookies100 Take-outs
9/6/2021Labor Day-Closed-

9/13/2021Concord Presbyterian ChurchSloppy Joe Sandwiches; Scalloped Potatoes; Green Beans; Coleslaw; Cookies100 Take-outs
9/20/2021Conway Alliance ChurchChicken; Mashed Potatoes; Green Beans; Roll; Cookies92 Take-outs
9/27/2021Ambridge Rotary ClubStuffed Cabbages; Cottage Fries; Green Beans; Roll; Pound Cake with Blueberries100 Take-outs
10/4/2021First Presbyterian Church of MonacaPenna with Red Sauce and Meatballs; Salad; Cookies92 Take-outs
10/11/2021Friday Morning Bible Study- BadenHamburgers; Buttered Noodles; Beans; Dessert75 Take-outs
10/18/2021Hanover Presbyterian ChurchLasagne; Salad; Applesauce; Rolls;  Cookies75 Take-outs
10/25/2021Mill Creek Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchMeatloaf; Mashed Potatoes; Green Beans; Rolls; Cookies75 Take-outs
11/1/2021New Bethlehem Presbyterian ChurchCream Chicken over Mashed Potatoes; Beans; Rolls; Assorted Desserts80 Take-outs
11/8/2021Sewickley Presbyterian ChurchPenne with Meat Sauce; Mixed Vegetables; Rolls; Pumpkin Cake; Chips82 Take-outs
11/15/2021Beth Samuel Jewish Center

Meals and Attendance

Serving the Bodies and the Souls of the Hungry